“Everyone that passed our booth, along with others from rows away, was drawn by his show.” – Scott Day, Coaching Financial Concepts

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Hire Edd Fairman For Your Trade Show Entertainment

Having a booth at a trade show is a unique opportunity to expose your business to many that might not have ever discovered your company any other way. It allows the participant to create valuable networking contacts, review their competition, and show how they stand out from the crowd. The problem is, of course, how to stand out from the crowd. There are numerous tactics employed at these shows that help booths draw interested individuals to their tables. When done properly, trade show entertainment will open people up to finding out more about the company providing the enjoyment.

Add Some Magic to Your Trade Show Booth

Trade show entertainment is a good investment, especially when it’s fronted by popular corporate magician, Edd Fairman, the “Wizard of Sorts.” It works for a number of reasons. First, it is unexpected in a world that relies on famous faces and pretty models. Magic is loved by people of all races, ages and income groups. People will rarely watch the start of a magic trick and leave before the performance is finished, and this type of performance can be done so that it incorporates the products from the company in with the act. Imagine your customers receiving your business card via a magic trick – It’s going to be hard to forget.

Consider Making Your Booth a Little More Magical at Your Next Trade Show. You Will Be Amazed at the Results.

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