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I Sell Wonder. What Do You Sell?

November 15th, 2016 Posted by Trade Shows 0 thoughts on “I Sell Wonder. What Do You Sell?”

Intellectual VS Emotional/Visual, Novel, Emotional

Selling is often seen as  an intellectual pursuit but buying is often done in an emotional state. So, how does one bridge the gap? Let’s look at commercials. I heard it said that a good TV commercial must be visual, novel, and emotional. 

In the Booth magic for sales people

If you have a product you can show in the booth, you have an easy visual. If you sell a service or aircraft carriers, you have to use stand in images for your visual component. If you sell your family’s third generation widgets with a secret family recipe, you will have to find another way to be novel. And if you talk at people about the benefits of your product or service in straight facts, you’ll never engage them emotionally.

Emotional Engagement vs Manipulation

We’ve all had someone try to manipulate us. No one likes it. To engage someone emotionally does not mean to try to manipulate them emotionally. The number one way to fall down the manipulation trap is to try using fear as your motivation. Yes, fear sells but if your client steps back and looks at what happened and realizes you used fear to sell them, they will resent you. Fear is a short term sales game.

The Positive Emotion Sell

magician for businessOn the other side of fear are the positive emotions of love, safety, friendship, etc. If it’s easy to see the fear you could use to sell, it should be just as easy to turn it around and find the positive emotional sell.

I Sell Wonder, What Do You Sell?

This is where magic really works it’s wonders! Magic is truly visual, novel, and if done correctly, can be very emotional. When starting out, young magicians, often present their tricks as puzzles that need to be figured out by his audience. People watch the trick and think to themselves, “Hmm, I wonder how he did that.” They are trying to solve an intellectual puzzle. But as the performer grows and matures he learns to present his mysteries in ways that play to the audiences emotions. They no longer want to know how the trick is done. They don’t care. They just know they loved the magic and they felt for a moment that sense of wonder.

Jeffrey Gittomer points out in “The Little Red Book of Selling” that people love to buy from someone who makes them laugh. Why? Because laughter is a release of stress. I’ve been performing magic since I was 6 years old and at the end of trick when something amazing happens, people often laugh. Why? Because they don’t know what else to do. I’ve broken the laws of physics and they are in shock. The sense of wonder created at the end of magic trick can be one of the most stress free moments of a person’s day (or maybe even their week). It is the perfect time to subtly introduce the benefits of your product or service.

Is Magic the Perfect Sell Vehicle?

Maybe. Magic is visual, novel, emotional, and funny. It’s like the perfect four part harmony of salesmanship. Having a magician at your trade show booth, hospitality suite, or client event, who understands how to sell subtly using magic will make your prospects or clients remember you and make them more receptive to receiving your message.

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A Martial Arts Magician?

November 2nd, 2016 Posted by Trade Shows 0 thoughts on “A Martial Arts Magician?”

What Does Martial Arts Have to Do With My Trade Show Booth?

Fighting For Sales in Your Booth

I won’t belabor the comparison, but when you are exhibiting at a show you are in a fight; a fight for eyeballs, ears, and sales. You want to have someone on your side with the ability to attract visitors, educate them about your product, entertain them enough they stick around and tough enough to do it all day, everyday.

Over the last 9 months, I’ve gone through a personal journey that has changed the way I look at what I can do for you and your trade show exhibit.

Getting Into Shape

At Christmas of 2015 my family and I took photos. We hadn’t done a family photo and years and boy did it show. When I saw how round my gut had become, I knew I had to do something. I had a friend who used to be a professional Muay Thai Fighter and he was also out of shape. We decided we were going to go to a gym and we were going to get back into shape.

When I started in February of 2016 my only goal was to get into shape. And have I! As of this writing I have lost about 40 lbs and more than four inches off of my waist. christmas-to-fight-day

Muay Thai is not actually a martial art – It is a combat sport. Most people are not familiar with the term combat sport so the term martial art gets used in it’s place. As a combat sport, the end result for most practitioners is to fight. I wasn’t even thinking of that when I started. I was more interested in punching and kicking the pads held by my classmates and having fun while sweating it out with my buddy. The amount of work it takes to kick or punch something for three minutes straight is insane. When I first started I couldn’t even hold my hands up in a proper boxing stance for three minutes. But I pushed myself and starting getting into better and better shape.

Everything Started to Change

As I lost the weight everything started to change for me. I changed physically. My stamina increased. My sleep improved. All the things you would expect to improve did. But things I didn’t expect started to improve. My focus sharpened. My temperament improved and most importantly my drive to succeed reappeared.

Putting it Together For You

But It’s not just about brute force. You may have heard boxing called “The Sweet Science” because you can use your brain to defeat brawn. The best way to do that is to adapt. There is no magic bullet that works for every prospect wondering the show floor. Some you have to raise the energy up to bring them in. Others may shy away from a full frontal assault and I have to lure them in with an amazing display of magical skill not thrown directly at them but in an almost off handed way. I will help you bob and weave your way to your most successful trade show booth ever.

Knock Out the Competition

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