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The Real Magic of the Mind

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mindset-743167_1920Never Forget Another Name Again,

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The Real Magic of the Mind

As a magician I often perform feats where I appear to read people’s thoughts. This has lead me to a fascination with how the mind works, how memories are formed, and to train my own mind to appear to be super human.

Why You Should Learn This

In the last few years I have watched Alzheimer’s disease and dementia take the minds of both of my Grandmothers. It was incredibly tough to watch as their minds were taken from them. There have been scientific studies that have showed that brain training activities do work to help prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia and ones that have shown the exercises don’t help. But one thing is for sure, they don’t hurt! You can read what the National Institutes of Health have to say about the subject at

Also, forgetting a person’s name can be embarrassing and remembering their name can help close more sales, make you more memorable, and improve your social standing.

Why We Forget Names

I think the number 1 reason we forget other people’s names is that we never truly knew them in the first place. When we meet someone new the introduction go by so quickly that we never actually file the information away. This brings us to Step 1 of how to Never Forget Another Name Again.

Slow it Down

The average introduction goes like this, “Edd this is Deb. Deb this is Edd.” That’s less than two seconds and half of the information was your own name. There is very little chance that you are going to retain that information for any length of time. I have a few little tricks or bits I use to slow this section down.

  1. Repeat her name.
  2. Ask about a variation of her name.
  3. Ask for the spelling of her name.

Not each of these will work for each name but this is how I would handle the example above. “Hello Deb. Are you a Deborah?” She will probably say, “Yes.” “But you prefer Deb? I wasn’t sure because (person who introduced us) is a friend and I didn’t want to seem overly friendly.” Had she been introduced to me as “Deborah.” I would say, “Hello Deborah. Is that D-e-b-o-r-a-h? I ask, because I am Edd but it is spelled E-d-d.”  Here is a list of names that are spelled differently It’s amazing at the number of names that have variations. It can be a great tool to slow down the introduction phase.

If your name does not have a variation or unusual spelling like mine, you can tell a little white lie. It would go like this, “Deborah? Is that D-e-b-o-r-a-h? I had friend who was a ‘Debra’ D-e-b-r-a.” This also may be entirely true, who knows.

The Problem with Name Tags

Name tags are great for the very first time you meet someone but very quickly become a crutch. I look at the tag one time during the very initial introduction and try not to use it again because the next time you meet that person, they may not be wearing that name tag!

The Next Step

Stay tuned for Step two in how to remember names of the people you meet.

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