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4 Magician Life Hacks to Use Everyday

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Pay Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain

When you need something to be done make sure you are talking to the person who can actually do it.

Magicians would like you to believe that the beautiful assistant is just there to do menial tasks and look pretty. But much of the time she is doing more of the work of creating the illusion than he is.

If you are getting answers you do not like or don’t think are true, make sure you are talking to the man behind the curtain. You know, the person who is really in charge.

Don’t Let Delays put you off your Task

Magicians will often introduce something and then “get away from it” for awhile so it leaves your mind. Let’s say there is a box on stage. It’s introduced and then a bunch of other things happen. By the time your attention goes back to the box it could have been replaced by an elephant!

Some people will try this on you in your everyday life. Parent’s do it to kids all the time (usually for good reason) but if another adult is trying in on you, don’t let it happen! Keep your goal in mind.

Don’t Blindly Follow

Everything from “trust but verify” to “don’t rush in” warn us not to blindly follow the leader but many times we still do and magicians use that AGAINST US!

Do you want to know exactly where NOT to look during a magic trick? That would be where the magician is looking. Any magician worth his wand is not going to look at the hidden object or look at his hands while he does the secret move.

We do it in our everyday life too. How many of us signed up for Ello? There are 1 million plus ello accounts. Why? It can’t be the site. Frankly, the site stinks. But even I fell for it. I signed up because… well… because everyone else was. Nothing terrible has happened because I signed up for Ello but what if it was something more sinister?

Don’t Assume

If your mother was anything like mine she would say, “Don’t assume, it makes an ass out of you and me.” Many people do assume. They fill in information on their own that doesn’t exist.

Do you see a triangle between the three pie pieces to the left? But there is no triangle. Your brain is adding it. Magicians count on this. A lady will go into a box with an outline of person drawn on it. Then the box is rearranged in some impossible way. Your brain fills in that the woman inside is similarly situated. But she’s not. She could be doing anything in that box!

If you had a contract with a company and received good service don’t assume that you will get it a second time when they say, “Oh, don’t worry about a contract.”

Fun on stage but not day to day

Sure being fooled by a magician using these techniques is fun when you know you are watching a show but don’t let people fool you with these tricks in your day to day life. If you learn this life hacks and learn to think like a magician you can still have fun but not get taken!

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